Do you love your plumbing?

When is the last time you showed your plumbing some love? Honestly... we all take it for granted. However, for something that provides such a valuable service towards your quality of life, it is important to prioritize the up keep and ensure longevity. Just like maintaining your car, maintaining your body and maintaining your relationships; maintaining your plumbing is equally as important. Here are some essential tips to show your plumbing some "love".  

Water Heater Flush

It is always a good idea to flush your water heater, especially in an area where the water is hard like here in Southern Arizona. (See our hard water tips here) Over time, a buildup of sediment and calcium will collect in your water heater tank that can cause your water heater to fail early. Flushing your water heater, quickly removes the extra build up and helps keep your showers steamy year around.


Clear hair and other debris from your shower and sink drains. You can purchase a flexible hair remover for cheap at your local hardware store and even at some dollar stores. Simply stick it in your drain and slowly remove to pull up all the stopped up debris. While it may be tempting to pour and forget with the chemical clog removers, don't do it! These products that claim to unclog your drains with liquid do not work and can cause more harm to your plumbing systems.

Main Water Valve

Be prepared! Locate your main water valve and make sure that you are able to turn it on and off quickly. This is especially helpful in the case of a water emergency. 

Garbage Disposal

Keep your garbage disposal in tip top shape. While running cold water, turn on your garbage disposal and put a cup of ice down your disposal to keep the blades sharpened. The ice is just hard enough to sharpen the blades of the shredder without harming them. Follow the ice with lemon slices or orange slices for a fresh citrus scent.

Hard Water Deposits

Make sure to check your shower heads and faucets for hard water deposits. These hard water deposits can often be removed with vinegar and a soft rag. After cleaning the outside, unscrew the aerators on the faucets and clear the filters for a quick and easy way to have better water pressure.

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