Winter Plumbing Tips

The temperatures are dropping which means your plumbing could be at risk for cold weather mishaps. We’ve gathered our best tips to help you keep your plumbing from becoming an issue this time of year.

-Most importantly, make sure to wrap and insulate any exposed outdoor plumbing. (Think hose spigots, irrigation, pool pumps)

-If temps drop to freezing or below, run dripping water from a few fixtures inside your home. This keeps the water moving through the pipes which helps prevent or minimize the outside exposed pipes from freezing. (Hint: Save the water for your plants that you should also cover or bring in!)

-Make sure to clean your drains with baking soda, vinegar and hot water every six months. Reducing gunk and build up regularly will help minimize clogged drains.

-If you have guests over for the holidays, space your showers out. This allows for proper recovery time for a tank type water heater (and ensures your guests enjoy warm water!)

-Make sure to remove your garden hoses from outdoor spigots before freezing temps arrive and be sure to drain excess water from spigots and hoses to prevent freezing.

-If all else fails, make sure to have your trusted plumbers information on hand!

Give us a call at 520-325-8681 if you have any concerns about your plumbing this winter!


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